Stitcher is a major character, Hunter's sister, and was introduced in Battle for the Nether.

Appearance and Personality

Stitcher is described as having red, curly hair. She is an NPC and is an excellent archer. Unlike Hunter, she does not condone teasing Gameknight999. She is significantly less hot-headed than her sister is. She often likes to correct Hunter, and sometimes even punches her if necessary. Despite this, Stitcher still shows determination and perseverance when searching for Hunter when captured by Malacoda and Erebus. Overall, Stitcher is a kind and calm person to her friends.

Battle for the Nether

Stitcher is first seen when Malacoda brings Hunter through the portal to the server that holds the source. When Crafter and the other NPCs try to persuade Gameknight to stay, Stitcher actively volunteers to go through the portal with Gameknight, once she is freed from Malacoda's fortress. The duo then go through the portal, leaving the others behind.


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