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Sometimes, we have to reach a little farther than we can, be a little stronger than we are, and do things we normally wouldn't be able to do, because we must, to take care of those we love.

-Monkeypants271 in Saving Crafter


Monkeypants_271 is Gameknight999's father in the Gameknight999 series. He first finds out about Gameknight999 and Monet113's adventures after they trapped Herobrine in the Last Battle on the Ocean Shore. He then joins Gameknight on the quest to throw Herobrine into the void. After Herobrine infected the Ender Dragon, he and Gameknight helped defeat him. He also destroyed the computer Herobrine resided in after the Last Battle in the Nether.

Appearance and Personality

Monkeypants271 is extremely protective of his son. He also has a strong fear of heights. His skin is a monkey in a Superman outfit, which Gameknight calls "ridiculous". He is also very wise. In the series, Gameknight really gets to know his father as a person, instead of just his dad. He and Monkeypants become more like friends than father and son; a rare occurrence anywhere. They end the third series as equals. Monkeypants learns that his son is growing up and it's time to start letting him make his own choices, such as saving Crafter from The Void in Saving Crafter.
Me and monkeypants

Sparky_321 (one of our users) and Monkeypants_271, on Gameknight's server.



  • "If what you're doing isn't working, try something new."
  • "If what you're doing is working, don't change anything."
  • "You should always feel bad for hurting another living creature."


  • "Monkeypants271" is Mark Cheverton's Minecraft username in the real world.
  • In Battle for the Nether in the village that was attacked by griefers, there is a sign that says Monkeypants271 with the rest covered by soot.
    • This was probably just simply meant to be an Easter egg, as at this time Mark might not have had the idea of putting himself user into the books.

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