Mission to the Moon
Author Mark Cheverton
Publication date July 4th, 2017
Published by Sky Pony Press
Publication Order
Preceded by
Monsters in the Mist
Followed by
Zombies Attack!


Entity303, the dark villain who has poisoned vanilla Minecraft with dangerous and bizarre mods, is barely able to escape Mystcraft, leaving the surface of Minecraft in a giant rocket, Gameknight999 in pursuit. There’s only one place he could be heading with the kidnapped Weaver, the User-that-is-not-a-user realizes: he’s using the Galacticraft mod and has taken off for the moon! Gameknight and Crafter follow behind, landing on a strange and barren lunar landscape, a world stranger and more alien (in more ways than one) than any other Minecraft mod. It’s here that they will have to battle moon monsters, find Entity303, rescue Weaver, and discover exactly what disastrous plans the mysterious figure has in mind for Minecraft, before it’s too late.

Come along with Gameknight999 on his most thrilling adventure yet, to a biome unlike anything else in the Overworld: outer space!