"Think about the now instead of the what if."


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Goodbye, Fool.
— Malacoda to Gameknight999

Malacoda is a fearless,and ruthless Ghast that will stop at nothing to completely destroy Minecraft. He was introduced in Battle For The Nether, where he joins Erebus as an antagonist. Malacoda treats Erebus as an inferior, leading to his demise at Erebus's hands during Confronting The Dragon. Malacoda was created by Herobrine, although he is regarded as a failure due to his arrogance and overconfidence. He has a large fortress in the Nether, where he keeps kidnapped Crafters to work for him. He takes Hunter hostage at the end of Battle for the Nether, and she is trapped in the Nether until halfway through Confronting the Dragon. When he arrived in the End, Erebus kills him by having Endermen teleport on top of him. By doing this, they drag Malacoda into The Void. Based on the short story The Virus, it seems that Malacoda was Herobrine's first monster king. However, this is disproved when Malacoda is created later, in Herobrine's War.


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