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Welcome to the Gameknight999 Wiki, the Ultimate and Official Resource of The Gameknight999 Series!

Welcome, User-that-is-not-a-user, to the Gameknight999 wiki, the Ultimate Resource of Gameknight999, and where anyone can edit! We have 276 articles, 2 users, and 8,607 edits on this wiki. The Gameknight999 Wiki allows you to learn the information about the characters, post all your comments in the forum page, and check out the latest news. Please read the Wiki rules before editing or creating any pages. Please, respect mods and admins, and don't change things according to your own opinion. This wiki is the main wiki and is part of the Gameknight999 Wikia Community.

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Swordmaster767 Swordmaster767-Merry Christmas from everyone at the wiki! Thank you for helping edit pages, and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Swordmaster767 Swordmaster767-200 Pages: Done! We have over 200 pages (the 200th was Blaze)! Now, time to edit and clear stubs!

Swordmaster767 Swordmaster767-Major Wanted Pages Cleanup: Have you ever visited the Wanted Pages and noticed all the Categories for a single character? What's up with that? Well, back in the wiki's beginning, there were categories for Gameknight999, Crafter, Erebus, and Malacoda. When users edited these pages, a message was left on their wall, saying "Thanks for editing Category:Malacoda"... And then, those categories were deleted, creating redlinks on user talk pages. Well, we've finally removed many redlinks for pages that will never be added! Now the Wanted Links page is cleaner and easier to read.

Swordmaster767 Swordmaster767-NPC Ranks: Hey, everyone! We've began adding links to NPC profession pages (like Crafter (rank) and Trapper (rank)). However, many are redlinks! Please, help us add these pages. Doing so helps us get a Wikia Spotlight!

Swordmaster767 Swordmaster767-Navigation: Hello, Wikians! The navigation buttons are finally complete! For a while, we've seen 5 or 6 buttons, which was uneven. They had different fonts. But now, finally (cough cough yay, me), better buttons are here! Don't worry, I totally didn't forget about them!

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Erebus a major villain of the first three books in the original Gameknight999 series.He dies at the end of Confronting the Dragon, he was destroyed and replaced by Feyd, The new Endermen King. He is the self-proclaimed Enderman King and the main antaigonist in Invasion Of The Overworld along with his army of overworld monsters.

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Would you like to play on the official Gameknight999 server? Do you want to see Crafter's Village and other important locations? Do you want to play Elytra Perils, a game only available on one server?

Visit the Gameknight999 server! The IP address is To see some of the locations from the book (Crafter's Village, Zombie-Town, etc.), go to the survival server and type /warp bookwarps. Then press a button and see places from the books!