Digger is an NPC resident of Crafter's Village, which was griefed by Gameknight999 before he took the Gateway of Light (aka. his father's digitizer) into Minecraft. It is later revealed in Invasion of The Overworld that Gameknight is responsible for the death of Digger's Wife, as he broke holes in Digger's house, allowing skeletons to shoot her repeatedly. Digger has two children, Topper and Filler. The death of Digger's wife helps Gameknight to realize how cruel he was to the villagers, and the two work together with Shawny and Crafter to prepare for battle against Erebus. After the battle, Digger is elected Crafter of the village. However, upon Gameknight and Crafter's return from the Source, Digger is demoted back to his original position. Digger is one of Gameknight's friends and allies after the first series. He has the same rank as Butch.


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