Baker is one of the NPCs of Crafter's Village. He was introduced in Gameknight999 vs Herobrine. His village was attacked by zombies, and his wife, Fletcher, was turned into a zombie villager. His son, Woodcutter, was very young and was the only one to attack the zombies. Baker pleaded for the zombies to spare him, but Xa-Tul killed Woodcutter. Baker's daughter, Sweeper, was taunted and killed mercilessly by the zombies, and was barely old enough to walk. Baker's diamond pickaxe was given to his ancestor, a Carver, before the Battle of Midnight Bridge, and Carver was instructed to pass it down only to the Baker's of the family. Baker's death broke this chain. He was killed by a spider.


Destruction of the Overworld

Baker was a minor character in Destruction Of The Overworld. He was the one who triggered the TNT during the False Attack.

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

Baker traveled with Gameknight999 on his quest to rid Minecraft of Herobrine's XP. He was killed in the battle of Two-Sword Pass, after being reunited with Fletcher one last time.